The Coral Reef Rangers Summer SCUBA Program

The Coral Reef Ranger Program Is a structured community service oriented SCUBA program for ages 12 to 14 - 15 to 17 and 18+. The program is designed to provide a safe environment for students to learn how to SCUBA dive and then participate in underwater Marine ecosystem conservation and restoration projects on our local reefs.

Summer Program Hours
Our summer programs start in the morning at 8 AM and finish up around at 4 PM Monday through Friday
Drop-Off and Pickup Times
For your convenience during our summer programs we offer an early drop off at 7:30 AM and a late pick up at 5 PM.


Who are the Coral Reef Rangers?
The Coral Reef Rangers is an organization dedicated to providing a trained underwater workforce for marine conservation and restoration projects for our local reefs and beaches. Our Coral Reef Rangers instructor team consists of responsible and highly trained underwater specialist at the top of their field in both SCUBA diver training and Marine ecosystem conservation.

Special Skills?
None we will provide all the necessary SCUBA training.

Coral Reef Ranger candidates do not need to have any prior SCUBA training or special skills to start the program; however Ranger candidates must know how to swim. You do not need to be an Olympic swimmer you just need to pass a basic swim test. 

How do I get started?
Starting your SCUBA diver training is easy. 

Step One: Selecting the date for your class.
Click Here for Course Dates and Schedule

Step Two: Academics
Once you sign up for your course you will receive a link to start your online academics by watching the PADI open water SCUBA diver course videos online at home. These videos will get you prepared for your quiz and final exam. This will complete all of your academics.

Step Three: Confined Water Training Dives 
The next step in your training are five confined water training dives. During these training dives you will learn how to use your equipment safely and how to react in the unlikely event of an emergency. By the end of your confined water training dives you will be ready to demonstrate your skills to your instructor in open water.
Note: students will not be able to move on to the next step until they master the necessary skills in confined water. Safety First.

Step Four: Open Water Training Dives
The final step in completing your training, is your open water training dives. During your open water divesyou will demonstrate all of the skills that you learned in confined water to your instructor. Upon successful completion of your four open water training dives you will receive your open water SCUBA diver certification card.
Congratulations you are now a certified SCUBA diver and you're ready to dive.

What If I'm Already A Certified Diver?

We are always looking for certified divers with proper role model behavior to help us in leadership roles.

For Certified Divers

ü  Certified Open Water Divers will begin the program with a SCUBA safety knowledge review and an in water SCUBA safety review in order to verify their skills. once you have completed your safety review you are now eligible to participate in our underwater conservation programs. After completing five service projects you will graduate and become an official Coral Reef Ranger.

Underwater Service Projects
Once the Coral Reef Ranger candidate participates in five coral reef Ranger underwater service projects they will graduate and become official Coral Reef Rangers. 
note:each under water service project is typically two dives in one day.

Service Hours for Graduation
We offer underwater service projects all year round. coral reef Rangers participating in any of our underwater service programs may earn service hours to be used towards graduation.

Why not start your own Coral Reef Ranger SCUBA diving club for your school.
get off the couch and get in to the action.

Certifying Agencies

We are licensed and insured to teach for the following agencies.

PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors)
PADI The Professional Association of Dive Instructors is one of the most recognized agencies in the world are SCUBA diver training. PADI certifies more divers and all other agencies combined.

SDI/TDI (SCUBA Diving International and Technical Diving International)
SDI/TDI combined to make the most versatile training agency for recreational and technical scuba diving.

Two of the most recognized agencies for SCUBA diver training in the world.

(Emergency First Response) First Aid, CPR and AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) training.

This course meets all compliance standards with federal US OSHA guidelines 29 CFR 1910.15 and international guidelines for First Aid CPR and AED training.

Coral Reef Ranger
Summer SCUBA Program
Located at
SCUBA Dive It Headquarters

2075 N. Powerline Rd.,   Suite 2                         
Pompano Beach, FL 33069   (786) 558-3483

 for more information please e-mail us at

Open Water

5 day PADI  jr open water or open water SCUBA diver certification course
Monday through Friday

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Open Water

5 day PADI Junior advanced or advanced open water diver certification course
Monday through Friday

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Rescue Diver 

5 day PADI Junior rescue or rescue dive certification course
Monday through Friday

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Master Diver

Add Some Fun, Excitement and Adventure to your summer take the Master SCUBA diver challenge.

During this 6 week program you will take the following courses to earn your PADI Master SCUBA diver rating the highest rating in recreational diving

PADI open water
PADI advanced
PADI rescue
PADI 5 specialties
PADI master diver
Monday through Friday 

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